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Once upon a time, when a company created a great new product designed to help make their customers’ lives easier and more enriched; they named that product and walked it door to door in the neighborhood demonstrating just how it met consumers’ needs and added value to their lives. Over time, by word of mouth neighbor to neighbor, the product’s name coupled with a compelling neighborly anecdote or three became part of the company’s brand, and the neighborhood chatter was its brand awareness.

Today that process continues. But, the internet has now become “the neighborhood.” The “neighbor to neighbor word of mouth” takes place via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn to create brand awareness. And those compelling customer anecdotes and emotional connections to your company values have become part of the brand “story.”

Regardless the medium, the process of marketing great products to consumers has remained unchanged. Rather, it is the mechanism driving the marketing process that continues to evolve, and that motivates conscientious small business owners to adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. Enter the concept of “content marketing.”

What is Content Marketing and What Can it Do for You?

As one of those conscientious small business owners, you’ve no doubt kept abreast of marketing changes. You’ve also likely heard the terms Content Marketing, Authority, SEO, Brand Narrative, and Brand Awareness. You may or may not know exactly what those terms mean. But the real question is:

Do you know precisely what Content Marketing, Authority, SEO, Brand Narrative, and Brand Awareness mean for your business?

How can your business better serve your customers using the various tools that combine to create a powerful online content marketing strategy?

In a nutshell, content marketing is an integrated approach to marketing. It uses a variety of tools like blogs, articles, podcasts, webinars, emails, press releases, and social media together, in order to reach your intended audience. And to reach your audience when they are looking for services or products like yours, as they are surfing the internet. Marketing to your customers is no longer about choosing a single approach, but utilizing several approaches that work together.


Content Marketing Game Changer

Compete with Goliath By Changing the Game

Using content marketing concepts correctly can be a game changer for a small business. And it doesn’t have to take time away from the business of running a business.  But as Goliath companies throw tons of money, time and resources at various content marketing tools, the small business can be left in the wake. It can seem like spending more time and money on ads at the beginning of YouTube videos and pay per click advertising to get placed at the top of internet search results, are important ways to increase brand awareness and narrative. But a little known secret is you don’t need tons of disposable cash, time or other resources to boost brand awareness and become a major player online. You need only vision and someone to help you turn that vision into a dynamic online content marketing strategy, using the same tools in a different way.

Sass C – Content Marketing is in the business of helping small business owners, like you, harness the power of the internet to create dynamic content marketing strategies and get your message to the right customers at the right time. All the while, you are free to spend your time running your business.

Unlike other content marketing services, Sass C – Content Marketing is committed to providing information to small business owners, rather than to other content marketers.

The Sass C – Content Marketing Blog is designed to deliver to visitors engaging, thought provoking, conversation starting, writing, covering currently trending topics on several subjects around the web.

Check out the Sass C – Content Marketing Free Member Content Library. There you’ll find various resources including:

  • Articles tips and tricks to help you
    • Understand content marketing basics,
    • Learn how to choose the right content marketing specialist for your business, and
    • What you need to know in order to work effectively with content writers and web developers
    • And much, much, more…

Sass C – Content Marketing provides the following additional services to help you build a powerful online presence:

  • Content Writing – In the form of articles, blogs and general website content.
  • Building Brand and Brand Awareness – Through engaging website content.
  • SEO – For search engines, and most importantly, humans.
  • Education – Resources to put you in the best position to determine and find the best content marketing services for your business.

Contact Sass C – Content Marketing now to add dynamic content to your new website, or to fine tune or transform your existing website into an online marketing powerhouse.